KÄRNAN - Museum TV (Episode 7)

KÄRNAN – The Soft-Opening

The Oath of KÄRNAN – Beware of its Spell

With the launch of the family thrill ride “The Oath of KÄRNAN” in 2015 HANSA-PARK made roller coaster history: Emerging from a 79m-high tower after a 67m first drop this hypercoaster speeds up to127 km/h on the 1,235m-long track. The reverse free fall from over 60m in the KÄRNAN tower is unique worldwide.

In 2016 we will start a new chapter of the story when we continue with the elaborate theming of the ride. Check our KÄRNAN website for the latest pictures.

What else is on the website? Find out whether the KÄRNAN Museum TV episodes reveal what the spell is all about, what of the story is true and what is legend, and if there really is a spell.

Stay tuned! Or better even: Come and see for yourself whether a spell has been cast or not .

 Theming will follow during the season 2016.